General Intake

Welcome to our intake page. Please use the appropriate link that applies to your needs. If you are an individual requesting service, click on the Public, Business, and Organizations link below.
If you are a government agency, lawyer, or a legal professional, please use the Government and Legal Professionals link below.
If you require any further assistance, call one of our client care specialists at (905) 301-3039.

Frequently asked questions

The price depends on where in Ontario you need to effect service. Service of process ranges from $89.99 to $125.95. In some cases, mileage may apply.

For mileage, we charge the rate at the pumps per kilometer on the day of service. You will be billed from the point of pick up to the service address, and $0.25 per page printing. Additional attempts range from $45-$55 in most major cities and urban areas.

You pay upfront with a credit card when you finalize your order. Or by e-transfer please send all transfers to [email protected]
*** NET 15 days Terms are available to Paralegals, Lawyers, and Law Firms.